Flicker Free 2.0 Upgrade From 1.0

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Upgrade for Flicker Free 1.x users. Your 1.0 serial number is required to purchase. Please enter it in the field at the bottom of this page

Flicker Free 2.0 is GPU accelerated for faster render speeds! It fixes footage with lots of movement or moving subjects. Motion Compensation and Detect Motion make it possible to repair footage that was previously unfixable.

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This upgrade is ONLY for owners of Flicker Free 1.0. We will ask for proof of ownership if we can't locate you in our database. 

- Motion Compensation: Flicker Free 2.0 uses optical flow algorithms to detect and delineate independently moving objects, even in the presence of camera motion. These integrated motion-estimation algorithms are highly effective for repairing poor quality video or footage that was previously unfixable.

- GPU  Acceleration: Flicker Free 2.0 comes with dramatic GPU-accelerated performance gains of more than 300% over the previous version.

Get additional host apps for $69! If you need this plugin for more than one host application, click the Crossgrade link below and add that to your purchase.

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