Beauty Box Video 5.0 Upgrade From 4.0

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New 5.0 version Upgrade for users with an old version of Beauty Box! This requires a 4.0 serial number.

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New 5.0 version Upgrade for After Effects/Premiere Pro! This requires a 4.0 serial number.

Beauty Box Video 5.0 is the next generation in skin retouching software and it's now further optimized for Apple Metal, Nvidia's CUDA and OpenCL to give realtime or near real time performance on the latest GPUs. Using advanced techniques like face detection, the plugin automatically identifies skin tones, making the process of digital skin retouching easier than ever.

This upgrade is ONLY for owners of Beauty Box Video 4.0. We will ask for proof of ownership if we can't locate you in our database. 


Works with Mac or Windows.
–Mac OS 10.14 and higher
–Windows 8 and higher

Host Apps:

- After Effects/Premiere Pro CC
- Final Cut Pro/Motion
- OpenFX (Resolve, Nuke, etc)
- Avid

Each host app requires a separate serial number, unless made by the same developer (e.g. AE/Premiere only needs one license)


Electronic shipping. An email with a login, your serial number and FTP links will usually arrive within 20 minutes. Occasionally takes longer, but always within 24 hours.

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