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Upgrade for Transcriptive 1.x users. Your 1.0 serial number is required to purchase. Please enter it in the field at the bottom of this page

 Transcriptive Rough Cutter is the next evolution of transcript-based video editing. Fully integrated with Premiere Pro, the panel automatically assembles new video sequences reflecting all text edits made on the Transcripts. Add comments and strikethrough to create collaborative Rough Cuts. Share your work online or send it to other Premiere editors and more.

PowerSearch is now included free! Your Transcriptive s/n will activate it. It's never been easier to search your Premiere project! You are now required to sign up for a free account on in order to transcribe. A subscription is not required.

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Import existing transcripts from other services or transcribe your video work with the Transcriptive Rough Cutter; Transcriptive AI an AI and machine learning powered transcription software with a 97% accuracy rate! With precise results and two different Speech Services at your disposal, you can get the fastest transcription for your project at the lowest cost.

Our PowerSearch panel is now included for free! This is a search engine for Premiere Pro, letting you easily search through all your transcripts, markers, and other metadata easily. It's an incredible tool for finding soundbites, different takes, or anything else in your project. It returns search results like any search engine, letting you click on the results to jump to where the text is said in the clip or sequence. Your Transcriptive serial number will activate PowerSearch as well!

Transcriptive Rough Cutter Features

  • Text-based video editing in Premiere Pro: Rough Cut button automatically and instantly creates new video sequences by analyzing transcripts edited by video editors or their collaborators.
  • Add Comments and Strikethrough: Use comments and strikethrough to create a paper edit and share your work with Premiere editors or other Web App users

  • Batch Transcription and Alignment: transcribe multiple files at the same time or align all your existing transcripts all at once. 
  • Web App access: share your work to the web app account to access files anywhere, from any browser. 
  • Accurate - Transcriptive A.I. offers 97% accuracy and allows you to align existing English transcripts for free. The second option is Transcriptive Speechmatics, which has up to a 95% accuracy rate and offers the option to align existing transcripts in other languages for $0.04/min. The transcription cost for both Transcriptive AI and Transcriptive Speechmatics is $0.08/min (pay as you go) or $0.04/min (with pre-paid minutes).
  • Premiere Pro Integration - As a Premiere Pro panel there's no need to switch between applications. Be able to monitor your timeline and video while you transcribe. Click on a word in Transcriptive and jump to where it's spoken on the timeline.
  • Search - Easily search for words or phrases. All the speech in your video is turned into text, allowing you to find anything that was spoken.
  • Built-In Text Editor - Making quick changes to your transcript is simple with our editor and it's built-in keyboard shortcuts. While Transcriptive does a great job of identifying spoken word and proper grammar, any changes that need to be made can be made at the stroke of a key.
  • Versatility - Transcriptive allows you to export captions out to .SRT, .VLT, .STL and text file documents for easy social media and SEO management uploading. Also includes options to export script as Clip and Sequence Markers directly in Premiere so you can make your script easily searchable!
  • Cost-Effective - Pay for the transcripts as you go ($0.08/min) or purchase pre-paid minutes to reduce your transcription costs ($0,04). Transcriptive AI pre-paid minutes are available in bulks of $150 (62.5 hours of transcription) and $500 (208 hours of transcription), making Transcriptive the most cost-effective solution for transcriptions.

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